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Help & Info about Soundflower for mac

  • What is Soundflower?

    The software is a special utility that has been created free of charge for Mac users. It works to pass audio content between a number of different applications and allows users to send live audio content into the Mixlr app from applications like Traktor and Ableton Live.
  • Does Soundflower Work on Windows?

    This software has been designed exclusively for use on the Mac and is not compatible with Windows. People who wish to use a programme of this type of Windows can choose from a number of alternatives such as Voicemeeter, Voicemeeter Banana and Virtual Audio Cable, all of which can be downloaded for free.
  • Is Soundflower Safe?

    Like virtually all software and applications that has been developed for Mac, this programme is very safe and free from viruses. Users should encounter no problems when using it, which is enhanced by the fact that the Mac has been specifically designed to protect it from viruses of all types.
  • Can Sound be Heard Through Headphones?

    People who want to be able to hear audio content through their headphones need to open the companion app that is provided with the programme. Simply click on the companion app and locate the Soundflower icon, then select the 2ch version and choose where you wish the audio content to be played.
  • How do I Route YouTube Audio to AU Lab Using Soundflower?

    This is pretty simply to do once you know how. Turn the volume on your computer up to maximum and locate System Preferences, then Sound and the Output tab and select the programme as the output. Next, open the AU Lab document and select the same option as your input.
  • How Can I fix Sound Issues?

    This can be done fairly easily through the Apple Audio MIDI Setup app that can be found in the dedicated Applications folder. The input and output need to be set to run through the programme to ensure that sound is being received. You can also check the output levels in the Audio MIDI Setup.
  • Can Soundflower be Used to Conduct Interviews?

    This programme really comes into its own when conducting interviews as both the voice of the interviewer and the voice of the interviewee can be heard and recorded. This is much more convenient than programmes such as Skype, which only allow you record one side of the conversation.
  • What is Different About the Latest Version of Soundflower?

    A number of changes have been made in the latest release to fix certain issues such as making the volume controls logarithmic and making it easy to uninstall script fixes on Lion. People who experienced installation problems with SoundflowerBed will also be pleased to discover that the issue has not been resolved.
  • Can Soundflower be Used with QuickTime?

    The programme is fully compatible with QuickTime Player and QuickTime can be configured with ease if necessary. To configure QuickTime, simply choose File and New Audio Recording and then click on the upside down triangle that can be found to the right of the Record button.
  • What is Soundflower 64ch?

    The programme comes with two different versions, 2ch and 64ch. As the name suggests, 2ch is 2 Channel Interface, while the other version is 64 Channel Interface. While there are certain differences between the two, most users of the programme are likely to find that everything they need can be found in the 2ch version.


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