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Allow different applications to access your soundcard

Have you ever wanted to enable an application to access your soundcard or interact with another application via the soundcard? Soundflower is a free audio system extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications.Soundflower...
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  • Nancy Luong

    by Nancy Luong

    You don't need soundflower to record audio on screen recordings on quicktime. I can just select internal microphone, but didn't see that was an option till after I downloaded Soundflower. Now I have it installed but can't uninstall it.

  • Joseph Mihalak

    by Joseph Mihalak

    Well, it doesn't work. I read the uninstall instructions and don't understand any of it. Programs like Clean My Mack won't find it so it cannot be uninstalled this way. Definitely not for 'normal' users. Do not recommend for users who are not programmers.

  • The Ferg is the Word!

    by The Ferg is the Word!

    I love it! Never had any issues with it, install is simple and easy and I'll never use anything else!

  • Clayton Richardson

    by Clayton Richardson

    Well, it sounds like a great program and I was sent here by a YouTube video that raved about this product and the problems it solved, however, this program would not install on my Mac and so I'll never know.(High Sierra OS10.13.4) Is there and upgrade or something, please, something, anything...

  • Scott Heller

    by Scott Heller

    Garbage. STAY AWAY. Corrupt files. No experiencing problems on my computer that we not there before installing and uninstalling.

  • Brendyn Woelk

    by Brendyn Woelk


  • Paul Grimaldi

    by Paul Grimaldi

    Nothing but trouble. Did not download properly and remove script is corrupt - Big problem. Pros: nothing. Cons: full download so can be accessed via Apps. Unlocked remove script

  • by Anonymous

    Life saver. Helps me enable the sound control keyboard controls for sound output on my mini displayport screen. Pros: does what it says. easy to install. Cons: need to reeanble after every screen sleep. apple needs to make sound control on MD port a standard feature

  • by Anonymous

    Nope. Doesnt install Correctly. If the software would actually install then i could use it. I install the files and when it launches it keeps saying its not installed.

  • by Anonymous

    s'ok. it works for some things, but makes other things not work. I used it to record internal sound on Quicktime screen recordings, but I found that it disabled my Shazam listening app, and had to uninstall to get Shazam to work.

  • by Anonymous

    waste of time. did not work on my Mac, a bit hard to give more info as it DID NOT WORK

  • by Anonymous

    Program does not work.. Does not work. I now see several reviews with same problem. Pros: nothing. Cons: does not work

  • by Anonymous

    Works great on Mac Book Pro with Yosemite. Not compatible with El Capitan. . Sound Flower was excellent with Yosemite OSX. Doesn't seem compatible with El Capitan on Mac Book Pro. Will someone please let me know if you have been to use this with El Capitan? Thanks. Pros: Ease of use. Quality of recording. Cons: Please upgrade Sound Flower for Mac's latest OSX. El Capitan.Thanks

  • by Anonymous

    Works great in Yosemite. Please update Sound Flower for El Capitan. Thanks!. Sound Flower worked beautifully on my Mac Book Pro with Yosemite OSX. When I updated to El Capitan it will not work. I would not have updated had I known this.

  • by Anonymous

    I can't get it to work AND I CAN'T GET RID OF IT !!!. I can't get it to work AND I CAN'T GET RID OF IT !!! I installed the app to record streaming audio for a specific site. It wouldn't work and, even using the Uninstaller app, I cannot get it out of the Sound panel of System Preferences. VERY frustrating!

  • by Anonymous

    The download isn't working on Yosemite.. This shows up as a blank "file" when you download it. Solutions anyone?

  • by Anonymous

    Doesn't Work. Same problem. I downloaded it, followed the instructions & it just doesn't show under preferences to be able to select it. WTF? Pros: Don't know, it doesn't work. Cons: It doesn't work

  • by Anonymous

    Does what it's supposed to do. I've only used it a handful of times, but once I figured out how it works (not that difficult; you just have to pay attention to the instructions, know what I mean?). After setting it up, I was rather pleased with its performance, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do: route audio from various applications to your computer, with no apparent loss of quality.

  • by Anonymous

    the application refuses to work on my mac. nothing happens downloaded installed successfully but just not true... nothing happens. Pros: nothing happens. Cons: should work first then i can assess

  • by Anonymous

    Fixed sound volume control problem with HDMI audio. Works ok with me on my Mac mini (mid 2011). Can now use volume control with sound via HDMI to display speakers, which is not normally possible, as HDMI audio output is fixed level. For the other reviewer who could not launch the app, please click the flower (like large asterisk) icon on top menu bar.

  • by Anonymous

    Nothing happens. I have the exact same problem, I tried several times to download and launch the application, but it's impossible. It's present into my applications list, but if I click it, nothing happens. Can you help me please? I've a Mac OS X 10.6.8. Cons: There is NO help

  • by Anonymous

    Impossible to launch the application. I tried several times to download and launch the application, but it's impossible. It's present into my applications list, but if I click it, nothing happens. Can you help me please? I've a Mac OS X 10.6.8